Want To Switch to Vaping?

Everything you need to know to start vaping.

Are you thinking of making the transition from smoking to vaping? If so, stick with us as we explain everything you need to know before making the switch. Vaping is a 95% less harmful alternative as found by Public Health England, but you are switching to something more technical. Below we will explain the type of e-liquid, nicotine strength and device that are best suited to you and more importantly, how to maintain your device. Good luck & happy vaping!



Why Make The Switch To Vaping?


Discover the effectiveness of vaping as a way to quit smoking, and why PHE and the NHS recommend it.

Which Device Is Right For You?


We take a look at all the different types of vape devices available and list all the pros and cons of each. 

Which Flavour Is Right For You?


Find out from the experts. We look at all the flavour profiles in detail, from sweets to sours, fruits to desserts.

Vaping Etiquette


We explain the do's and don'ts about vaping. What's legal and what isn't. Including travelling with your vape. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Everything you always wanted to know about vaping. We answer the most asked questions about vaping.

Glossary Of Terms


Ever wanted to know what TPD, RDL, MTL or DTL mean? We explain all the terms surrounding vaping.